Epic Train Fail


Technology Fail

This train rammed an empty diesel wagon, launched itself off the track, ran through a

marine equipment store and ended on a small square in the Dutch town of Stavoren.”

Submitted by Niels Hamers

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  1. I’ve seen threads de-railed, complete topics going nuts, but in this case, the train itself made its own thread 😀

  2. Hehe… saw this one on TV tuesday… The fact that the train kept riding when the track had ended and drove right thru the bufferblock makes it more like a…ehm… a fail! By the way.. what are you saying about the empty diesel wagon?

  3. Apparently there was an empty dieselwagon behind the bufferblocks that got pushed out of the way as well. I guess the mayhem would have been complete had it been filled

    1. for real, I looked for the track for like 2 minutes cause I didn’t want some a-hole to point it out to me after I commented

  4. This happened in Holland (Friesland). It happened at night, while the signs were not well lighted. It ran right through the barackades…. Nice….

  5. Hehe…the front of the building is too flawless and the blue jeep is disproportional..where did u photo this? In Legoland?..:))

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