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  1. out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard a white guy talk like this without looking like a tool? eminem doesnt count, Dr.dre mentored.

  2. This Win is awesome because –
    1. It’s funny.
    2. I actually read the comments, had a lil popcorn, very entertaining.

  3. fails on me. im making to many comments and im so stupid i thought the win was “report inappropriate photo” X3

  4. That isn’t a black dude, or whatever…that is Jesse Pinkman, yo. From Breaking Bad…the AMC series…that’s exactly how he talks yo..

  5. There are NO African Americans in the USA who did NOT migrate here from Africa. If you were born here you are a black American. Just because your ancestors were born in Africa and came here against their will does NOT make you an African American. It does however make your ancestors African American though.

  6. They take the chicken and nugget it. Then they take the chili and magic it. So, here is what I did. I ordered both the Chicken Nuggets and the Chili from the lady. Both of them are on the dollar menu and I was all like “WHAAAT?” and the lady was like “BOOM!” So now I had the Chicken and the Chili and I dipped the chicken into the chili. Once the chicken came into contact with said chili, a bright light and a voice came out of the wax-coated cardboard bowl. It turns out when the awesomeness of the two collide, it rips a hole in the time-space continuum and a portal to heaven opens. From that gleaming portal of light, the voice told me the secrets of the universe such as ‘If you dip chicken nuggets in chili, it will open a gateway to heaven.’ I was all like, “Duh!”. The voice called me a douche-nozzle and the void closed. I was all “Woah!” then began pumping the ketchup pump on the counter until it was empty. They kicked me out.‎

    1. Had a friend that worked at Wendys….. YOU DONT WANT TO EAT THE CHILI!!!!!!!!!! Google it….

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