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    1. Third, the ending to your one sentence makes no sense. One sentence and you fuck it up beyond recognition. English.. you fail it.

    2. You are the first person to:
      Step one: Cut your own hand off at the wrist.
      Step two: Duct tape the hand into the position for beating off.
      Step three: Wait for rigor to take effect.
      Step four: Lube it up and beat yourself off with your own dead hand so it feels like someone else is beating you off.
      ALSO, your comment is so incomprehensible I had to read it four times to understand what you were trying to say.

    3. Orbital: Don’t step in on my territory. I am a trained professional and know how to deal with this type of stupidity. You are clearly not licensed and may injure yourself trying to handle this type of situation. Thank you for your concern, but you should leave this to the professionals.

    4. Fourth, you are such a big loser that you don’t stop at yelling “FIRST”, but keep track of number of “FIRST”s. You, sir, are a loser of epic proportions.

    5. Horray for Troll!!! (but don’t you think you’re a little harsh on Chris? …He is a Foreigner… Cut him some slacks… Speaking/typing in english?… can’t really blame him for that! But…Asking YouTube to come and film him?….ahhahah the floor is all yours!!!!

  1. I wish this site would start filtering this fake stuff. If you click on that link from Chaotic, this question has been posted 133 times on Yahoo Answers already.

  2. Bungalow Bill is right
    its probably from The Office when michael says he’ll need to call youtube down to come film something hes doing, i dont remember what tho

    1. You fail at reading comments. In the fine print above yours you will find an explanation on proper use (sort of) of the to too two trio. To further my point, not but two comments prior to your own there is a comment saying an eerily similar idea to your own. With all those sheep in the world I know its tempting to follow the followers, but there are far too many followers to make it cool to put two of the same posts so close together.

      I hope my rambling has at least taught you how to use english properly…

    2. @fresh jive , i understand your point , but some of us actually have a life , so sometimes we just enjoy reading a part of the comments , or just simply comment on the subject . if you can’t get this please don’t reproduce yourself ^^ peace

  3. troll if you are not English, i.e, a septic tank,(yank) then you don’t speak or spell English correctly any how.
    So stop being a xenophobic twat

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