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    1. Congratulations man, you just won the Redneck Penthouse!!!
      May you fill it up with chicken’s and shite with joy

    1. Agreed. I thought I was losing my sense of fail. It’s kinda odd, but putting a boat in a tree is actually a feat of engineering. Therefore the owner has also earned the right to label it ‘redneck patio’.

    2. Its not a boat in a tree …. its a tree under a boat on land!
      No sens of what is going on at all!

    3. but what if there was a flood and the water was so high he tied the boat to the top of the tree so it would not float away…then the water went down and the boat got stuck in the tree and he can’t get it down so he is using it as a tree house till the next flood……………

  1. I didn’t post this here, but it is my buddy’s “patio”…my hunting buddy got it up in the tree by himself w/ nothing but a come-along, some cable, lumber, and good ol’ redneck engineering! lol

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