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    1. No it explains,
      “I am trannies. If am will aliens, I breed sesame legal coffee the [cannot read] There were skunks lethal Wahuhululuu, jks I humor [hand covered, can’t read] And they would go shamming shlick Jill. I [can’t read]… Hijacks hand it was a skiing. The other Hat [can’t read] default oke skimming trigger jungle. I failed interpret thank I’ve everyonegame(?) will who….(assuming the hidden word is whore, given the context). I hope I have brought justice to all with my interpretation. Have a pleasant day.

  1. It’s a Chinese zodiac sign. I’m a dragon. There’s also the snake, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, horse, sheep, monkey, dog, and pig. Though it is funny that she has this on her shirt, I’m completely awed by there being no one who has mentioned this. Do you people read or know anything about anything?

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