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    1. whats awesome about being first in a comment section ?
      It makes me giggle that your take so much pleasure in being first in a comment section.

    2. You know whats more awesome than you being first? The fact that I just came in your mothers mouth. You are a piece of shit.

    1. How old do you have to be to make comments on here? B/C surely your either some high school kid who’s already proven that he can’t bring anything productive to society or your just an uneducated adult who’s parents failed him as a child.

    2. hey once you live around agry indiana you start to hate black people who act ghetto, and they add they all walk in the damn street, so i found this to be funny as fuck

    3. Well I’m black and act no where near ghetto. Would probably be a good idea to put that next time b/c I make fun of ghetto ppl too. But I do have to agree, the video was funny as shit. LOL. Did you see how his ass flew!?!?!? The truck didnt even stop!!!

    4. I live in Indy as well & these fucks act like cars wont run them over. I dont honk or slow down for some retard who thinks they will alter my path on a road. This video needs to be shown to all the IPS schools as a reminder that cars out weigh you & you will lose this battle everytime.

  1. HaHa stupid JiggaBoo. I bet his fat fried chicken lips absorbed most of the impact tho and saved his life…. too bad.

  2. That was funny, look at the guy who record this: just a lame “oh shit”…no hyperventilate, no rush, no nothing…BTW: the black dude (how hit by the ICEtruck) deserve this, because he act like a retard.

    1. Well if your so tired of it why don’t you ever jump out the car and say something? And no, I dont mean being “billy bad ass” and yelling it to some jr high kids, I mean be a real man, or woman, and jump out the car and say it to full grown adults. May sound ignorant but apparently its a huge problem since your venting your frustration out on here. LOL

    2. Hey magic, are you the frackin preacher of the site, you silly bitch? Half of your posts are rambling knocks at others posts as if you are superior to all. Chill out, don’t take it all so seriously, and go get fucked!

    3. To Hey Magic, no I’m not a preacher, if I was may I be forgiven for tongue pucnhing your mom in the ass while making your dad record it. He wanted to join in but it was your mom who said “Hell Naw”. Oh yuh, on the way out I wiped down with your pillow case so enjoy this monkey juices on ya face while you sleep. Hope you dont turn black by inthe morning. Oh yuh vilhelm, Let’s go riding and run over some more of em. Quite frankly I just like the thrill of hittin bitches in my car. BEEP BEEP!!!!

    4. Wow did you think up that over used old as my grandad comeback all by yourself while riding the short bus to school? You would at least think you would have been a little more original in your return post considering the railing you did against other peoples posts. Try again please, we do not want to move on from this video all while leaving your last response so poorly done.

    5. @MagicMan. I wasn’t venting, I was simply making a funny comment… And, yes, it WAS funny. lol
      Honestly, I don’t get mad when blacks take their time walking in front of my vehicle because I know why they do it. You see, blacks have been shit on by whites so much for so long, that they have a tendency to lash out at any white person they can. Many times this results in violence (look at my crime statistics post in another thread), other times it’s simply a display of cockiness or arrogance, like when people take their time crossing the street. I’ve seen it all, having lived in a city with a large black population and, years ago, having worked in a downtown nightclub.
      Oh, and trust me, I’ve never backed down to a black person. Not at college, not at work, not even on the street. I learned long ago most blacks are all bark and no bite when you stand them down.

    6. Wow Hey Magic, so my comeback wasn’t original steady yet you hit me with the short bus comment? You must have just made it to what? Fourth…Fifth grade? Come on sir really? Now if you don’t mind, your mom and dad is telling me to come back to bed and we’re on a very tight schedule. To whatamess, I agree with you totally b/c I went to a school that was dominantly white so I’m fully aware that there are ignorant black ppl out there just like there are white, Hispanics and all that other shit. The dude and this video just happen to be one of the many ignorant ppl in general and deserved to get his ass smashed by a truck. In all honesty, I kind of wish the truck ran over him like a speed bump. No hard feelings. I mean this is the Internet so why bother getting mad? Lol. I just wish ppl wouldn’t lump all black people together b/c of one dumb ass. Ignorance has no color. Just like I’m sure Hey Magic is one dumb hick who likes to sattle up his cousins and put some use to that baby pinky he calls a penis. Am I right Hey Magic? Boy I sure hoped he stopped watching porn and jacking off long enough to read this far. O yea, I hope you was beyond fighting in college since you say you never took anything from them while in school. Not worth letting anybody getting you kicked out of school.

    7. magic man comment win!!”…Hispanics and all that other shit…” your ethnic sensitivity is astounding!! hahaha,talk about lumping ppl together!! you’re all right in my book

  3. I hope the guy driving the ice cream truck didn’t get in trouble for this. That guy was an idiot and deserved to be hit by an ice cream truck if he is that stupid to dance in the middle of a main road. But how funny is it that he was hit by an ice cream truck and not just a regular car! HAHAHHAHA!! But as I said, I hope the driver wasn’t charged.

    1. Well, he was jaywalking so it would be his fault and not the driver’s(I believe). There is an actual reason for your parent’s telling you to look both ways before crossing the street. Although that doesn’t matter if you go out when there are cars coming anyways…..

    1. I have yet to understand why all of that’s a derogatory racist stereotype. All that stuff is delicious! Except your mom of course…

    2. Im white & I love fried chicken, watermelon, ribs, & kool aid… I just choose not to eat it everyday & put hot sauce on everything.

  4. Sad thing is, he probably got filthy rich after the lawsuit against the truck that didnt yield to a pedestrian. America: shunning Darwinism since 1776.

    1. This website wouldnt exist if it were not for us Americans coddling our weak and stupid. It’s a double edge sword. I HATE that my tax dollars pay for knobs like that to get free health care for dancing in front of a truck… meanwhile I LOVE my! 🙂

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