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    1. I hope you get in a horrible accident, and permanently disfigure yourself. You have no friends, and nobody loves you.

  1. LoL I worked at a bowling alley as a teenager and used to see shit like this all the time. I remember one time some drunk idiot held on the ball too long and smashed the flourescent glass above the alley. The glass was astrewn over 6 lanes and forced the closure of the bowling alley for the night. The guy was arrested and made to pay for the glass and loss of business.

  2. no fail. just another silver spoon overweight frat boy trying to fit in by standing out. she dont like you and she never will, man.

  3. Damn – talk about a side arm pitch. But I have to agree about that cutie in Yellow – I would have been distracted and she is really, really cute.

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