Beer Goggles Fail


People Fail

“Our boy got too drunk and was hitting on old ladies.  Here is a pic when he realized

that he made a big mistake.”

Submitted by Saul

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    1. Who cares. I’ve seen a lot worse. plus, what kind of pussy gets drunk on beer. Probably light beer at that. 😉

    2. Happy, why do you comment on the first post with nothing said about it? Are you that desperate for attention that you gotta make sure your comment is at top so people may read it? See next fail (tattoo fail).

    3. and i you [i hope it was good for you]. this guy is not realizing anything except what a lucky spanish dude he is. my brother owns a spanish bar, i worked there for 5 months, i’ve seen dudes show up with things way worse than these hags.

    4. the right one still has a few more bangs left in her
      yeh id hit it hard and take her money after she passes out

    1. Shit, that bitch is a COUGAR! Tap that all day long. (The one on the right, of coarse. The one on the left is post-op tranny….)

  1. He asked the one on his right her age, to which she replied “I was born in 1918”. He heard “I’m 18”. Gotta love the next morning jitters.

  2. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if you went out partying and you manage to score two chicks while drunk, when the beer wears off you will soon realize you are not Pimpin’.

  3. wow…
    if i were you i would frame that pic and put it up in my house so that whenever he walks in he will never drink again!
    too funny…..

  4. this should be a win, because if your wearing beer goggles that means ugly bitches are suposed to look hot. and obviously he was hanging on those hags with a bottle of booz in hand. beer goggles/1 man/0

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