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  1. Not stupid kitten, stupid friggen moron person who put the kitten on the table, knowing it couldnt get off and decided it would be funny to watch the little thing hurt itself trying to get down. IDIOT OWNER!

    1. Cats need to have impact falls from a young age to strengthen their bones, This kitten could drop 6 or 7 feet to the ground and feel no pain whatsoever. It is a common myth and an annoying dramatisation that cats are fragile little things… They are a very sophisticated feat of evolution and Stopping them from having these kind of experiences from a young age because you’re ‘O so caring’ could actually damage it’s development and stunt the evolution of the species.

      Idiot commenter.

    1. You didn’t even notice that I admitted I was a cocksucker. Shame on you.
      Also, we do already know that you are 6th poster and the guy before you was 5th. The thing is, no one cares except for you.
      Finally, are you foreign? If you are, I understand your poor grammar. If not, I feel sorry for you.

    2. orbital so your a cocksucker ay well you be sucking plenty of cocks where your going and yes to your question im foreign and thats why i cant really spell in your shitty language

    1. and epic insult fail of the month goes to you, thanks for proving that you hate kittens, i hope this goes to prove even mephisto has a little more care for cute little animals than random, fucked-in-the-head weird ass people, i hope one day a cute little tiger cub grows up to become a ravenous beast that find you, rapes you, and then kills you, have a nice day, it was fun leaving this insulf for the veiwing pleasure

    2. Let’s see…weird is spelled wierd. Find? You mean finds. Insulf? Veiwing? I don’t even need to point out any more. Plus, you couldn’t even spell the name Mephistopheles correctly. If you’re not going to come up with an original name yourself, at least spell the one you you correctly… I hope Mephistopheles visits your bedroom at night and reams out your colon for you, since you seem to be doing such a good job at bashing his name. Uber Epic Intelligence fail to Mepistopheles.

  2. he wasnt trying to get off the table, he looked directly at the camera, and dove off the table in an attemted suicide effort.

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