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    1. She should have her right shoulder dislocated, maybe that’ll fix the problem? πŸ˜‰

    2. See, your reply to fromskintoliquid makes no sense, hence to you being desperate for attention. You’re a douche, you should die. Maybe that’ll fix the problem? Ball busting is what I do.

    3. I already had a talk with the Cyber-police about my mis-deeds, and yes, it IS a crime to comment out of sequence, but I’m told the Cyber-Jails are experiencing overcrowding, serial “first” & Did he died? offenders etc…

      They just send me empty threat warning e-mails now. I move them to Junk folder, Yes. I’m going to hell for this. πŸ˜‰

    4. That whole reply was lame Happy. You resort to using “cyber-police” jokes which have been overused since that video was posted. I’m surprised you didn’t drop the “Soviet Russia” reference. I’ll drop to your level, here’s one for you: “Comedy, you’re doing it wrong”.

    5. does anybody else realize how delectable big mac’s are?? i mean.. how do they.. how.. how do they do that???

    1. I would be hard to tell where the middle of that is, but you should still be able to find it. Huge tattoo artist fail.

    1. Wow, that’s rude! Either way, the artist fucked up, I hope she got her money back or sued the shit out of the tattoo artist!

  1. that does suck though. But only good thing is, she can’t look directly at it so it won’t bother her as much as if it were on the front of her. Still sucks though.

  2. He’s just having a go at me because I picked him up on his spelling Obital. The fucking numpty can’t string two sentences together without fucking up! BTW dipsht, Granny dies many years ago, and she didn’t leave me any false teeth dude! Otherwise, I’m there.

  3. Reminds me of the uber-fat German caterpillar on A Bugs Life, who thinks once he gets wings he’ll be able to fly. The wings are too small for him cuz he’s so fat. Kind of like this girl. She’d need wings way bigger than that.

  4. I dont get this. the tattoo is not the same on both side. are they working on a cover up on the left side or somthing.

  5. I think the fail is the big wings. Even if they were real, they would explode from even trying to lift her fatass.

  6. Centuries ago when the earth was young all continents were one. Pangea. What you are looking at there is simply continental Drift re enacted on living flesh

  7. How did you even find the spine on whalebeast. If she thinks she’s gonna float like a butterfly, she is sadly mistaken. Float like a humpback, sting like eye infection.

    1. Awww c’mon. . . she’s not that bad. . . actually! She could use another twinky. That’s what America is all about! Eat everything in sight and you’re a god.

  8. Nevermind that its uneven….it reminds me of the fat caterpillar from the kids movie A Bug’s Life, when he turns into a butterfly, he’s still huge but now has very tiny butterfly wings… lol

  9. Everyone has a valid point as to why it’s off center. Still, I can’t help but wonder about one little detail. Unless free styling, which only the really good tattoo artists do… Doesn’t the artist make a “stencil” of it that gets transfered on the skin with that blue washable ink first so the customer can have an idea of how the tattoo will look like on that part of the body b4 starting the process? & how come neither the artist nor herself realize this?

  10. They’re tribal butterfly wings, and they’re crooked …..

  11. Wow there are alot of people on here with low self esteem, why else would you all be so fixated with her weight? The fail here is the misalignment of the tattoo and the small minds of the people making poor comments. To the lady in the picture hope your able to have this tat reworked and don’t listen to the idiots blaming you for the poor artwork! Good Luck.

  12. I am more amused at all the ignorant comments than the photo itself! So I guess I’ll chime in… I don’t think there are wings large enough to life that off the ground…

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