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    1. I pitty you if such a insignificant thing as being the first to comment a picture somewhere on a site out of millions and billions out there can really make your day. It must be really boring and lonely being you. Such a shame… I wouldn’t brag about it if I were you…

    2. KU785 obviously meant his day was made by seeing Belle’s huge cock, not getting the first post, that was just an aside.

    3. “insert here a lot of curse words for trolling all the previous comments”
      You all got to be kidding me if you dont understand the sense of the initiall post

    4. hahahahaha, cutiko, you just alowed yourself to be trolled. Of course we understood the post, but when you shake the tree, some apples will… fail 😀

  1. She’s a squirter. See n ow shit like this was intentionally made this way. no way in hell anyone from designer to assembly line worker didnt notice this was just a huge pun waiting to happen.

  2. This has to marked as “gender identification fail”, because if those were real “lady bottles” they’d have spoons, not straws.

  3. Anybody else notice the price of that piece of shit? Awe, who am I trying to fool! I’d pay double that to suck out of her cup!

  4. *facepalm* just….like……_. come on what if a little girl was drinking milk from that and some pedo crosses her path…

  5. the people who make these things don’t see how wrong they are? I mean they must have to go through a bunch of some type of people before they are put on the market, and nobody can say “Oh, maybe the straw looks a little too much like a freakin’ penis, lets move it”…… U frekin’ REEKA

  6. the price to suck juice out of belle’s huge cock is $59.00? damn, fuck this, i’m going back to cinderella.

  7. Made in China, same factory as the baby doll that says “Bitch” I can see the little china men making this stuff for Americans and laughing

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