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    1. this is outside the hollister in soho i know this cause i just do or at least im guessing

  1. Nice bitch-tits on the nig…why does he have sun-block on his nose,when he cant get burned anymore.He looks like a struck match!LULZ

    1. Nah, the little Asian dude taking the pic would jump in and romp the both. Bruce Lee WAAAAAAAAHHHH!

    1. I second that motion and may I also add that the most likely about to do commercial or something along those lines!

    1. To what, sounds like you might be white or at least THINK you are 100% white and that would make you ignorant, people like you will post comments like this but I could guarantee you would not say it to his face!

  2. i’m with veritas. guy on the left probably gets waaay more than the white guy-you just know he’s so in love with himself, he doesn’t need a partner

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