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    1. I second that. This is just so idiots will take the entire pack instead of trying to buy a single beer.

    2. Who buys a single can of beer? how low do you have to go before you realize you’re loser? Cap sniffing? And don’t go thinkin’ that buying a 6-pack isn’t gonna label you a loser too. 2 – 24’s one for each hand. 😉

    3. I worked in a convenience mart during college. Morons constantly come up with a single beer. WTF you going to do with one beer anyway?

    4. I do not know where you guys are from but in my home town we called people that will try this shit crackheads, because of the simple fact that they are crackheads!

  1. ummm wow, i get it but wow how many stupid ppl came in asking if they sell the six pack as a group or as a single loosy.

  2. The sign is there because they are sick of people taking singles. This isn’t much of a fail and it isn’t very funny.

  3. Just to answer those of you who don’t know why some people would buy one can of beer: When you cook a pork tenderloin on a smoker, you can bathe it in beer every 30 minutes to give it a different taste. The alcohol is cooked out of the meat, obviously, but it does leave a better taste.
    However, I’m sure there are people who think that since they don’t have money to buy an entire six pack, they can try to just buy one can.
    Also, you can buy one can at a liquor store sometimes. Depends on where you go.

    1. Think about it, you have a nice smoker in your back yard and just bought a juicy pork tenderloin and you cannot afford to buy a whole six pack??? Fail!!!! I am not poor, but I am not rich, but I do not own a smoker just a cheap little grill and to add flavor I could buy a whole six pack if needed!

  4. i sometimes buy only one but thats for a cake i like… the alcohol is gone by the time its eatable anyway..


    oh and im from the country the chips bags are from because i understand it:D:D but why is there an english advertisement next to danish made chips?

  5. As a store clerk that has faced the issue of people trying to buy one beer or soda out of the pack I think this sign is a win.

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