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  1. @gamer*getalife*guy23 and PGwtthfckever, just relax, breathe and fuck a big ‘ole fat black chick, your life will change forever…lol! OneLuv!

  2. I find it funny how almost 60% of the parents failing are white. Do u know that in africa during the apartheid years black women were forced to not only take care of ur housholds but even breast feed ur kids.Black people are nurtures we r life white people are lazy and only claim superiority. I work in corporate and I must say caucasians are lazy and their only claim to success is through nepotism( I mean incest). White trash is exactly that white trash. If u dont like us then build ur own planet and move there oh wait ul need us to engineer it for u and ul need the chinese to invent the spaceship to travel there…

  3. mmkay…whose to say this kid is even his son?…that could be his brother or somethin. and im sure the kid didnt drink dummies! its a picture..the picture was probably takin to be funny…laugh a little..its okay to pull the stick out of ur ass. epic fail pics are MEANT to make u giggle lol…oan: grow the fuck up wit all these racist comments…im white and my adoptive parents are black and they r great ppl. #imjustsayin…..

    1. That whites are paying for,with section 8, WIC, welfare and all the other programs we have created for this worthless race which gives nothing back in return.

  4. That’s actually a bottle of Ramune. Which is is a carbonated soft drink originally sold in Japan. I can tell by the top of it . They are made of glass and sealed with a marble; the codd head is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation in the drink.

  5. white people are so fuckin sad. Why do they always get on these sites and make racist comments. I mean yeah some black people do stupid shit same as whites if not even more stupid. Look at all the shit white people do on the internet. Atleast i never seen a black person put a horse dick in their mouth or bend over and let a dog fuckem in the chilli ring. I never seen a black person eat shit out of a fuckin cup. I never heard of a black person getting arrested for downloading child porn. I never heard of a black person fucking their sister,brother,mother,dad,or cousin. So if u wanna be racist do a self evaluation of ur own race before u call out other’s. I fuckin hate crackas, but i like white people. take it how u want it.

  6. racist people calling diffrent races ignorant is very egotistical because arnt racist the ones being ignorant arrogant? those people need to get out of the middle ages and focus more about there families instead about talking and worrying about other people. cuz i believe EVERY race has there ups and downs
    EVERY RACE. even my own
    im 15 and im black and its sad how i understand that more than racist adults

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