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    1. Emilyyy how does it feel to be hated by everyone to the point that you whore yourself out just for attention.

    2. Emilyyy, how does it feel to point out your stupidity by a failure to correctly spell your name?

      Or is your mom a hipster douchebag?

    3. Vilhelm, How does it feel to reply to a first comment? You Epicfail vigilante you. The world is a better place now. lol thank you. lol

    1. That’s actually a bottle of Ramune. Which is is a carbonated soft drink originally sold in Japan. I can tell by the top of it . They are made of glass and sealed with a marble; the codd head is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation in the drink.

  1. that’s not parenting…that’s he’s stupid old brother, who watches mtv for the past 10years, and thinks that the gay 2pac is a god

  2. you can see the look on this kids face “when are child services coming to take me away? WHEN?” The look of horror may also be that he is looking at his skank Ho mother who is taking this picture.

    1. If you get a tax return, that is about the same you paid all year hell if you drive on a newly paved road, thats where your tax dollars went. this shit doesnt get pooled together then divided up equally across the land. that why some places you go look like shit. and then other places you go every fucking year they are getting THE SAME FUCKING ROAD DUG UP AND REPAVED. think about it. the government is doing more fucked up shit with “Your” tax dollars, like paying cops to pull your ass over when your rushing on your way to work cuz you overslept

  3. They shouldn’t be aloud to breed anymore. I’m sick of having to pay for this shit. Maybe the government should poison all the watermelon and fried chicken.

    1. I take it you don’t eat watermelon or fried chicken? I happen to love fried chicken and watermelon, here’s the scary part, I’m white… *OoOoOo*…… The government won’t do anything like that so it’s all up to you. Oh wait, that’s right, you’re just a lil racist chicken shit. (^_^),,!,,

    2. Hell yeah Chaotic Hell yeah. ever notice how racist assrapes are the most ignorant and illogical people you ever come across?.

    3. Vilhelm,,,hahahah tell the Kernel (Mr. KthaFuckingC), he is the “fried chicken king”….and did you know he was white…lol! Of course you didn’t you an ig no rant hick!

    4. Thatโ€™s actually a bottle of Ramune. Which is is a carbonated soft drink originally sold in Japan. I can tell by the top of it . They are made of glass and sealed with a marble; the codd head is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation in the drink.

      People assume a lot and it does cause trouble.

  4. God damn it…who SERIOUSLY says, “You know what’d be cute? Getting my little broken condom drunk and taking a picture!”

    This will not end well papa!

  5. Just wanting to piss somebody off huh. i guess you life is that meaningless, you try to get a rize out of someone just to feel somewhat important.. No not worth it.

  6. I hope that when a terrorist walks into our country from Mexico with a nuke he ends up in your town. It would be nice to have a fresh start there. Something to break the cycle of retarded parents passing down retarded ideas to their children would be nice.

  7. First of all, it’s “less” not “lesser” and it’s “than whites” not “then whites”. And worm shit is actually nutrient rich soil.

  8. HA Hank just used reason to kill yours, and Yeah your racist and i dont give a shit that’s your problem but as ballsy as you try to sound, i bet you cant say shit whenever you come across a real nigga IRL. if you say yes then make a tape and post it here for proof.

  9. I bet that kid will be so psychologically supressed in the future that his head will have that lil singing tumor from family guy

  10. Dyquen u must be an afriacan american.
    do u have internet in ur prison?
    why r nikkerz fast??? cuz the slow ones like dyquen are in jail.


    1. Why is he a great father? Because there is actually ONE PICTURE in existence where they are together? Oh, is it because he has some grey goose vodka-so he must be making good money from his crack corner? You are a pathetic ignorant fool PRETTYMONEY. If you had any brain cells left, you would understand that money is just an idea, its just PAPER! Go back to Africa and build a house out of cow shit and take your daily shower every morning in cow piss-LOOK IT UP-that is how your “peoples” are living over there you fucking monkey!Im serious(BBC NEWS). Also, don’t forget to eat out your cows to get them ovulating. Thats right, you heard me! Your “peoples” are giving oral to lowing beasts!! Also, anyone else want more proof google “Hottentot Apron” it has to do with their 6 inch long clits wafting in the breeze you sick fucks! ALL OF THIS IS TRUE! I am not a racist I am a FACTIST! and these are all facts. Also, I hate everyone equally ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. And they wonder why they don’t get good jobs or allowed into good colleges??? HMMMMM!!!!
    @PrettyMoney: LMFAO, you apparently did not go to a good school either. Spelling problems much?? Sorry but a picture is worth a thousand words and this is not funny picture or a joke. You reap what you sew!!

  13. yo first of all I am white and I am so pissed at the racist remarks you are making first of all i seen more white people on welfare then black second how many black men are sexual perverts and serial killers so all of you trailer trash mother fuckers back the fuck up! and dont get me wrong the picture is crazy but don’t dare say all black people are like this !!!!!!!!!!!! cause i seen white bitches have sex in front of their kids and offer their kids drugs and cigs. so get all of you fact straight!

    1. Your not white, you are either a “whigger” i.e. “YO” or you are sum hairy guido piece of shit. Or worse you are probably black trying to do some damage control for your “peeps”. Mosts blacks are serial killers, but instead it is called “black on black crime”. You are a fool, get your facts straight. As for more white people being on welfare–YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! Get me some statistics to back up your facts and post them on here, i will be waiting eagerly for them. Hope to hear from you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. more white sexual predators and serial then there is black so stop looking at skin color and look at the person it self this picture is crazy and he should be punished for it but don’t generalize all African Americans like that cause there is shit wrong with white people also!

    1. All you people that scream out racism are either colored or live in the suburbs where there is like one black guy in the whole community who always smiles when you say a lame joke. Try walking through the black neighborhoods at night, try taking a train late from work and being the only white guy. I bet your opinion will change real quick when you get mugged. But you know what you can be any other race in the world and I bet you will always feel safer in a white/asian neighborhood rather then a black neighborhood. Why is that? Also why is it ok for a black person to take pride in being black, but when a white guy does it then he is immediately labeled a racist.

    2. @scumbagsteave- your name says it all. And you can take pride in being white without leaving racist remarks. I would be proud to be white if it werent for all of you racist losers. People like YOU make me ashamed of my color. If you all have not learned to judge someone by their character, rather than color of their skin by now, than YOU truly are an idiot, and I hope you never can produce children.

    3. @Lauren You know what Lauren I bet you sucked so much black dick in your life that you dont even know what race you really are, there is no point in even trying to reason with you. It is embedded in minds like yours that whenever you hear the word BLACK and something negative you begin a racist crusade. There is a name for people like you, its called white bitch, get used to it.

    4. And Lauren–you’re trying to say we shouldn’t follow stereotypes and grouping people as a race (particularly negative comments about blacks) but then you say that you’re ashamed of being white, grouping all whites together like that.
      Ya hypocrite

  15. @PGCWCO & gamerguy23- You make me ashamed to be white. Yes, the person in this picture is a horrible parent, but do you honestly believe there are no white people on epic fail? Do you honestly believe there are no white people on welfare. This discussion should be about parenting, not about race. Oh, and go back to being a white supremacist hilljack and fucking your sister, if you can even get her you POS’s.

  16. @scumbagsteave- I’ve actually never “sucked a black dick”, and I live in a town where there are no minorities, only caucasians. However, I’m not STUPID enough to honestly believe someone is inferior (if your redneck ass doesn’t know what that word is, I’m sure you can google it) to me because of the color of their skin. I can’t believe people still believe that, but I assume thats what happens after 200 years of inbreeding. Tell me something, is it weird having your mom and dad be brother and sister? Is it weird fucking your sister?

  17. Oh, and also dumbass, when you hear the word black and something negative, normally means their racist. Thats what racism is, negative thoughts on someone due to their color. And also, if white bitch is all you can come up with, you prove my point of how stupid you truly are. Tell your one eyed incest children I said Merry Christmas!

    1. Guess what???? Everything scumbagsteve said about you is true! You live in a neighborhood where there are only WHITES>How are you even qualified to comment on anyting regarding anything other than caucasian matters. I dare you to find a MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD or drive/avenue/street whichever. Then wait till about 2am and walk down it all alone. Guess what ur mom and dad will be lucky if u just come home robbed and raped. You are hopeless.So terribly terribly hopeless.You need a dose of reality. Lemme guess, u r upper middle class or worse nouveau riche? What that means is that your family has only been established for 3 generations. You live in a house with 5 bedrooms?You got a car for ur 16th birthday?You go to a private school maybe-is it Catholic?Your house has at least a three car garage?It seemes to me that the white people who are so QUICK to cry racism are always the ones who never have to deal with them on a daily basis. I implore you-spend as much free time as you hace with blacks, your mind will change. You will change. You will become smarter and more aware of what the world is really like. Help yourself Lauren. I was you.

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