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    1. wow…. you guys are…. well there is no word for it.. put XxPurpleHazexX u kinda piss me off…just saying…

    2. how can u say a stupid stoner nick name have u ever heard of getting a quarter in terms of weed? and u must be high or retarded

    3. ping pong be quiet i don’t know how many times i got to tell you this! are ..what quarter meant to due for all you that didn’t catch it was rhetorical joke..yes quarter is another stoner nickname

    4. fuck sakes a quarter ounce is a quarter you dumb shits i guess you would know if you spent more than a ten when you buy weed faggots

    5. does no one get that if your not the first person to comment on this HOLE PAGE then your not FUCKIN FIRST!

    1. It means putting two fingers in the puss and one finger in the asshole with one hand. Also called “The Shocker”. BTW women don’t like it. It’s just fuckin funny that the school didn’t know wtf he meant on his quote.

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