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    1. umm… It’s not an 80’s corvette. So I’m not sure what that comment means. I’m pretty sure that the batteries in his corvette’s pu**y magnet still work.

    2. I think he meant that Corvettes were very fashionable in the 80’s, but they’re not as popular any longer. Girls don’t just jump at Corvettes, now it’s all about Escalades, Beemers, and Mercedes.

  1. hey i just sa him at the pub this past friday, i wanted to take a pic wit him cuz he looked so cool. he got all the looks from all the people in the pub, whether good or bad!

  2. What’s he got rolled up in that bun? A 1/4 lb of pot? Cops aughta stop him and make him shake that out. Looks suspicious to me.

  3. Well if hes trying to look like a cartoon I think hes done a very nice job. Also reminds me of Johnny Bravo too of course.

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