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  1. Hey nobody knows what the kid is really like uncaged. see that lil mogui grin, he’s probly like a lil gremlin, if you ever been to a Mall or a fast food joint you know the ones I’m talkin about. Hahahaha

  2. Yeah what are they thinking? That cage clearly wasn’t meant for human children, he could reach right through the bars and open it.

  3. and yet the kid seems to smile … he will have his revenge when he grows up, he’ll be feeding them motherfucking parents only toilet water and sun flower seeds

  4. It’s either that or benadryl. Quite frankly, I’d rather explain a kid in the cage rather than a kid who overdosed on benadryl.

  5. it’s pretty obvious the kid climbed in there himself, it isn’t even latched and the kid is happy about it, so he must think it’s playtime. probably saw the dog in there and wanted to act like the dog

  6. When my nephew was around two, he always wanted to go in the dog’s cage and lay on the blankets and shut the door. Fortunately, he couldn’t latch it.

  7. Well would you rather him be in the cage or starting trouble?? Hes obviously black so he would be behind bars either way.

  8. See, now i don’t understand why this is a fail. When i was a kid i locked myself inside the plastic dog crates. Is isn’t that hard to unlock them from the inside if you’re not a tard. Let the kid play where he wants. Plus in this picture the kid is smiling and the cage isn’t locked. So its not like that’s how they punish him.

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