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    1. dude you failed so badly. I hope you didn’t cum before you realized you were second. Die in a fire.

    2. First to to say you are so excited while trying to pretend you aren’t so excited while actually being so excited to try to be a douche. You failed. Now cut off your face and wipe your jizz-filled asshole with it.

    3. Terrance….Gayest name EVER! LMAO! Who the fuck cares if you are “first”?? First to suck a dick on this website? Probably! Dude, you are so gay!!

    1. you’re not Ke$ha, if you were her you would have said “oh, that’s veru smart, it’s not a fail, it’s a win”

    1. Yeah I actually thought the girl to the right was the fail…even after realizing what the real fail was, I still thought she was the fail lol

  1. the whole fucking mess is a fail…you east coasters have shit beaches and the people look like escapees from a mental institution….thank zeus i live in sunny los angeles with blondes, beer, and bong-hits.

    1. Doesnt seems to be that big of a fail for me, but she’s covering the top of her eyes with her hand but she’s wearing sunglasses on her head.

  2. Worst fail ever! I thought first she had dyed her hair and the “blond” was growing back, but the real fail sucked even more. Gotta stop posting crap like this or everyone is gonna turn all “” on you.

  3. OOOOOOOOK the blonde is actually the one with the sliver of sense here and the brunette just stinks of stupidity. reminds me of the soccer moms (house wives) that live by me, who wear shades on a cloudy day, with a jogging suit, crocs, and a cup of coffee in hand. these are totally not the MILF types. tho this chick is hot yet stupid.

  4. The fail is shes trying to get shade over her eyes with her hands when she can easily take her shades off her head and wear’em

    1. THANK YOU! Someone with a fuckin brain in their head. If it’s that fuckin sunny just put the shades on your face… dont shield your face, thus casting a whole shadow which creates a photo fail…

  5. Its a blonde fail because the blonde is ugly! The one with the glasses on her head is OK, a very weak fail on her part with the glasses.

  6. oh it took me forever to get this! for everyone who’s an idiot like me, she’s sheilding her eyes from the sun with her hand… but she has sunglasses on her head

  7. since nobody posted da answer>is a fail cause she using her handglasses not her did took me 4min to figure it out

    1. What the hell are you talking about?? At least 4 or 5 previous comments said what the fail is. Scroll back up and read, dumbass!!

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