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    1. People aren’t really inventive this days, it looks like the same person wrote all the “troll” comments. As If you guys looked awesomely interesting, tiny little fucktards.

    1. Well as long as you don’t care about having sex with a man then it is fine.

    1. No, I think your close though. It looks like that Britney Spears stalker/pysco “Chris Crocker” dressed up as Marilyn Manson for Halloween.

  1. There will always be some dumbass girl who’d fuck that only because she craves more negative attention than this monkey.

    1. that is so true happy camper, and what scares me the most is that you know about this aswell as i do, and we both came from totally diffrent vagina’s

    2. XD Lol, you guys think drawable eyebrows is gross ? weirdos. It’s like the only makeup on this guy’s face.. Overly using maeup would be gross.. Which I can tell you most of the people I see Wear more than him.

  2. Okay, those albino contact lenses, their just messed up. The eyebrows are the least of his worries. I’d be more concerned about the fact he’s trying for the Lady Gaga look (pin straight hair, ridiculous looking eyes [contact aided of course], and the gender identity fail).

  3. fivehead goth. His sharpie brows could make the cholita angels cry while he unloads palettes. The windbreaker fears for it’s life. I blame the monotonous tasks of warehouse employment. Warehouse fail.

  4. Why do you all care so much about how someone looks? So what if they pencil on their eyebrows and wear contacts? Ignorant, judge mental people are the ones who need the help…

  5. Nothing wrong with this guy, he has a “goth brow” that’s just him. He looks awesome to me. With these comments, do you really have to be in the goth subculture yourself like I to be non judgmental? You people could grow up, I doubt any of you look better.

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