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  1. Maybe he went nuts and went on a shooting rampage the last shootout. they still let him play with them but not even with a cap gun or slingshot anymore.

  2. YAY! No one insulted my country… yet…
    but hell.. this is just the worst. Although I won’t be surprised if that was somehow photoshoped or an accident of some sort.

    1. Fuckin’ dumbass Pinos think they can scare a criminal with his super-shot finger pistol. Hell, he could knock you out with that smell they all have.

  3. I think the better Fail is the Policeman behind the first one.

    He’s directly ponting the gun at the head of the other policeman 😉

    1. I think it just looks that way.
      But there is a safaty FAIL – the cop in the back has his finger on trigger.

    2. That’s what I thought the actual fail was,lol. The second guy pointing the gun at the first one was what I saw first, then I realised that the first one didn’t even have a gun lmao

  4. that didnt happen during the hostage masacre (bus hijack) this photo was supposedly taken during a drill. but this is still hilarious though

  5. i would like to point out that if you pay attention to the first picture you can clearly see that they are not even with each other. the one cop is not behind the other. it’s just a poor camera angle.

    1. ok.. maybe this is troll or whatever.. but i just gatta… just GATTA reply..

      IS Chele’ failing in not seeing what’s going on here?!?

      Does he think the FAIL is about the gun pointed at the cops head from the camera Angle??????????

      cuz wow. I know some folks who suck at noticing the details.. but I’m with KU785 on this if my thinking is totally off… why the comment?

    2. i believe hes talking about the guy farther down not the one with the glasses but the guy with the sun shining directly in his eyes

  6. how funny this is , but its a strategy that police men use, showing that they have a gun and they will use it.. just to scare ppl off u c..

  7. This is no laughing matter. this is an insult to our country! who ever uploaded this has no sense of shame to our people.

  8. is any1 pointing out the fact the guy doesnt hav a gun??? i mean comon i herd his fingers not on the trigger thats becoz he dosnt want to put a bullet in the bak of the diks head!!! onestly u lot shood be on this becoz u fail!!!

  9. Look closely guys… the finger defies natural length and is facing the wrong way… really – didn’t anyone see that?

  10. Wonder if he watched sponge bob before he went…


    ‘I know, I’ll imagine I have a gun, get everyone in a box then kill them all! 😀 ‘

  11. Hahahaha.. Funny though.. Especially the FACE!!! Hahahaha..
    I don’t care if it is photoshopped or if it’s true.. It’s the FACE!!! LOl..

  12. This is typically Pinoy… fucking useless shits that they are.

    They cannot even manage a cup of coffee, much less a typhoon or an economy.

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