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    1. Here’s an irrelevant comment… You know the show Mantracker?, I think they should give him a gun & offer contestants $25,000 to make it to the finish line alive. Any other ideas? lol

    1. I agree & what’s with the price of cherries? I don’t understand why they’re so expensive. geez…. lol

  1. I still say Twilight fucked up the Vampire genre, which is why im gonna go in full Blade getup with real blades and fuck with every twilighter at the next screening. Yeah Eddie prepare to shit bricks.

    1. hahahaha i fucking loved blade 1,
      2and3 dont exist to me….and anyother fucking teen flick cheese shit…yeah let’s tern vampire’s into nerdy teens that attend school and relationship, relationship, relationship, fuck you. wtf happend to bram stoker and just some dark sinister shit that gave me a hardon and nightmare’s

  2. This guy is such an idiot. Honestly, everyone knows that the vampires live on the moon. DUH!!!! it will do him no good to roam the streets, which i must say, is REALLY creepy.

  3. dude that seems to be a 20 year old virgin that lives in his parents home but.. to answer to his question she will neither eat u or fuck u cuz u sound pretty ugly she will run away. And something like that is really hard to acomplish… how the fuck u scare a fucking monster?? xD

  4. This is obviously some white kid, send him to the hood let the brothers take care of him. Send him to a homo place like San fran, there he will get something other than his neck sucked and maybe they will turn him without killing him. The stake won’t be in his heart but he just might like it up the ass.

    1. There’s no Crying in Poetry reading! We just Twinkle our Magical Fairy Dust, or is that too gayish?

  5. Lol, I love how he mentions “Anne Rice”, to try to seperate himself from the the Twilight followers and act like he is just really into literature. Apparantly he hasn’t learned the difference between fiction, and non-fiction yet, he just believes everything he reads.

  6. If he wants someone to suck the life out of him and turn him into a zombie, all he needs to do is find a high maintenance gold digger!

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