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  1. Notice how it looks like it’s at comic con somewhere. This guy might be the mascot for the batman booth, and there is a fat kid in the backround 😛

    1. fail for admitting you where even there jajajajajaja just shut the fuck up or better yet JUST KIlL YOUR SELF make this world a better place..

    2. sorry vreign didn’t meant to offend i just realize u where from Canada explains it all…SMH BEFORE U KILL UR SELF make sure u take a couple of them damn Canadians with you

    3. whats the point of being a Troll if you cant even come up with a half decent insult, last I checked its far worse to be an American than a Canadian in this world…you know, governtment ruining 3/4 of the worlds economy (clap. Clap) thats somethin to be proud of. anyways, I’m not the one who cock blocked himself, cause VREIGN Is a pretty hot lady. Yea dipshit..female…somethin you’ve never had before ….(PEACE!)

    4. ummm your right is not very funny neither was fucking your mom up the ass with out a condom… as far as females vreign doesn’t count he/she not really a female…
      getting tired of this geeks talking “tough” come to the u.s TO SEE IF YOU CAN WALK TO WALK WE ALL NOW YOU CAN TALK U DICK MUNCHING MOUTH OFF ALL DAY

    5. (Clap, Clap, Clap) Americans… (shakes head) so quick to throw a fist to something they have no idea at what they’re dealing with..for example Al Qaeda, bit off a little bit more than you can chew don’t you think?
      (And :0 You’re gay? good for you, maybe kill ur self will be interested.)

    6. rausiee saying al qaeda bit alil more than you can chew really shows that my words where geting to you as matter of fact shows what type of scum bag you ima let you be the fucking pathetic looser you are…(clap clap) yes ur mom has it…

      …so quickly to throw a fist they have no idea they are dealing with?….ummmmmm yeah…lol really lol u try to sound samrt but you really are not. I dont know where you get ur INFO as matter of fact next to israeli intelegence the u.S.A is one of the best they even aasisting in the inteligence gathering for your country the CIA has helped the CSIS FOR YEARS not only that we protect canada by air land and sea we have the best armed forces and theirs a reason for the other hand you guys are just not a target cause who really cares about canada except people who are trieng to

      A. play hokey .
      b. gay mariage

      in the end fyi this what happends when you mess with the U.S.A

      Raussie who ever the fuck you really are in real person i hope one day you encounter an american face to face an mention that shit u posted you can get what you deserve!

    7. yeah he tries to sound samrt lol typo fail but u have really good point kill UR SELF ..if where you dont even waste time on this punk ass bitch..

    8. Woah hoaaah, Baby gonna cry???? See this is how you troll someone. Look, you can throw threats at me all day and I’ll just laugh it off…

    9. um yeah i think is time for you to get ready for another gay convention Ur life is a joke..i am still laughing at you and how i am getting to you ..and in this stupid argument ill have the last word (which makes me a epic fail – 10 for wasting time on this fagot) but i know better than living a life knowing your bitch!!!

  2. duck tape works all the time.. that kid in the back looks like the fat kid who had the lunchbox filled with penis drawings….

    1. Dude, I’m pretty sure that Heath might’ve had a premonition of that exact moment in time because he already did. Lol

  3. AHAAHAAHA OMG …. I CANT BELIEVE SOMEBODY PUT THIS PIC OF ME UP …. it got great reviews on at the on ….i was fucking around it was ment to be a joke but people legit liked it. LOLOLOL EPIC INTERNET COMMENTS ARE EPIC

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