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    1. I Think a kill it with fire is in order here… then skull fuck that bitch n make it look suicide

    2. umm…. guys that think its a she… you guys are fags.. that cant tell from a guy from girl… its obviously a guy.. idiots

  1. Why take a picture! ha ha – If thats what they are into – I’m sure they’d want it kept quiet = Especially as they are so recognisable

  2. Is this a picture of someone who has been inprisoned in a basement by their crazy father for 15 years? Look at all of the food and soda cans all around. That’s the only clothes He/she has. The crazy old man made it dress up for him before he did stuff.

  3. remake the fagaty lion on the wizard of ball z..Put ’em up, put ’em up! Which one of you first? I’ll BLOW you both together if you want. I’ll BLOW you with one paw tied behind my back. …the have to watch the wizard of oz to get it..poor toto probably got rape…

  4. Has anyone considered that these people are bisexual/gay and their proud of their sexual orientation. I know I’m going to get flamed for writing this, but maybe this person in this picture is gay/bi and their actually proud to have a picture like this that they send to their bf/gf or their taking part in a GBLT parade and this is their pre-picture.

    1. *Rubbing two sticks together* Eh, you probably won’t get flamed, this is taking too long. But while we wait, you make a good point but this is why it’s considered a “masculinity fail”. Even if he would grab his balls, curse, spit, have porn scattered around and be smoking a cigar while dressed like that, he’d still lose his man card because nothing could man up this photo.

    2. Just because you’re a fag that doesn’t mean you have to carry yourself like a bitch.
      The ones that carry themselves like men don’t get clowned on.

    3. Plus most of the girly homos are clean, which is clearly not the case here. This is just a dirty, nasty, broke ass homo with no taste.

    1. Trolling – The act of flaming, harassing, or otherwise mentioning someone with a malicious intent for your own satisfaction.

  5. I pray, I pray that this dude is a genius, that he is straight, does this shit to get in the changing room and grab ass but not get bitch slapped for it.

    1. lol. That’s the first thing I thought. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that person looks just like someone from a previous fail.

  6. all jokes aside, even if i was alone in my room bored as hell the thought of me going about something like this would never cross my mind

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