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  1. This is alll ridiculous, the video is jst plain sad and some of you commenters are jst depressing, theres the racist comments where ppl just laugh it off, fyi, americans arnt all bad, and im not from here so im not just syaing that. these videos give them a horrible name. every country has some stupid desipicable trash, not just america. In the other countries defense, some of the guys commenting are extremely uneducated, stupid and are in need of some serious disipline.

  2. WOW, this is dumb that let your kid talk like this and worse that you post a video of it.
    Hopefully Child Protective Services visits you.

  3. Need to break out the xbox, get kinect on and drop a few ‘accidental’ elbows on that one… what a horrible little Mexican… and such dedicated parents… monumental parenting fail.

  4. “I believe that children are our future… Teach them well and… Let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they…”

  5. First of all, that kid isn’t 7. She’s probably 11 or 12. Even so, her parents are miserable failures, and she’s a trashy little girl. I predict she’ll be pregnant by 14, living in a rusty trailer by 16, and will have at least 9 illigitimate kids (with different fathers) by the time she’s 30. That’s if she doesn’t die of a heroin overdose first. This kid is headed for the welfare line for sure.

  6. I bet this little girl doesn’t talk like this around her parents. This is an epic role model fail. Way to be a big brother duchebag! This is how you get band from online gaming…now what are you going to do with the rest of your life loser?

  7. If that was my kid I would smack the shit out of her and take that game and smash it with a hammer right in front of all of them.

  8. I agree 100%. If that was my child, I can promise you after the word “Fuck” came outta her mouth once, it wouldn’t have the second time. If my daughter ever speaks to someone like that she will be picking her teeth up off the floor. And I’m sure the dish detergent isn’t going to taste to well either. If I would have EVER spoke to ANYONE like that when I was that age, My mother or father would have beaten the HELL outta me. I wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a week.

  9. wow..this is just sad…if she was my kid..thank god shes not, id spank er (its not abuse u freaks) for talking like that..and over a freaking GAME! Get a life people, and get some class.

  10. OMG the worst thing here isn’t that cute little lady talking like a drunk trucker, but her parents prompting some bad phrases and words while keep playing! They should be arrested imho

  11. I would shove a bar of soap so far down her throat she would be shitting bubbles for a week…. This is just depressing….

  12. If she talks like that now imagige what else her parents let her do. Enjoy raising that little girls baby when she turns 12.

  13. OMG. I would say i can’t believe this crap but i can. A lot of parents need to start whopping there kids asses. My kids know better then to even spell the words out and if they ever say any of them they know to go get the soap and wash there own mouths out before i or there father does it. There is no way in hell i would even let my kids around anyone like that. If i don’t like the kid they know not to even speak to them. I have 2 of the best girls and would not change them or the way i raise them for anything in the world.

  14. SHOCKED….Just give one tight slap she will stop behaving like bitchy prostitute…she’s too innocent to be talking like that…

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