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    1. i formally apologize for uhnita….what he or she meant to say was: She’s acting like an ignorant person that has had a cultural upbringing to similar to those families brought up in the midst of crime, violence and unparalleled poverty where the only logical response is directed outbursts of violence and idiocy…however she has no reason to act this way….and therefore, i must agree they are ignorant, stupid, retarded….parents included, and they all deserve a slap in the head…..although this is an excellent example of why most of the world outwardly hate America and the rest secretly hate America…except for the Canadians…but there impartial to most things anyways

    2. I Hate America and the people that support a government that is whole heartedly involved in the destruction of entire countries for for nothing more than their resources!!!! As for the little twit thinking she can talk like that to people, I bet she is the one that gets bullied at school, if she even goes.


    4. I think it is ewally pathetic, what would the parents do if the person on the other end of the line were outside one day and GOd forbid ended that smart mouth that THEY encouraged, created, and alowed, better yet wairt til she uses it on them and her physical abilities. How funny will it be then. Will it be funny when they visit her grave,m God forbid, or when they visit her in Prison and no single digits either. I pray for this little girl and her family. She is just a child, show her love not hate. And as for the person who went there racially that is why there is so much hate in this country. Maybe you should check your family roots, the white men had their way with alot of the african amreican women and don’t forget the southern bells weren’t all the prima donna. And we ALLL bleed red, and in the end we are either going yop hell or heaven, lets pray this little girl gets to the right place sooon.

    5. @ CanadaRocks,
      Sad to hear your hate for America. I for one love Canadians…ya’ll rock. I do not support global economic empire that the US and many of her allies have created, but just to hate on Americans for the sins of it’s government? Come on. I could understand if all Americans you met served as very unlikable ambassadors. We are the face of our nation so heck…if all Canadians I met were as prejudiced as you…I’d prbly feel the same way about Canadians.

    6. That little girl is probably one of the ones that when they hit High School end up prego before they graduate (if she graduates b/c she drops out b/c being a parent and going to school are too hard for her).

    1. A good jalapeno pepper would keep her quiet LOL Not her fault tho. Feel bad for the girl actualy.

    1. i agree with u x1032895685328548903560327604376902795430 jessi slaughter is gonna be a prostitute when she grows up. this chick is scary… she looks like she’d hit you in the head with her training potty 😛

  1. Wow..that’s really sad. I know that this video is supposed to be funny, but it’s not. I can’t stand to hear children curse. And then the parents encourge her. Typical trash.

  2. this is stupid…shes loud and obnoxious like a black person. i dont like them and i certainly dont like her. shes white, thank the lord. she doesnt need to act trashy.

    1. well, i don’t like stupid fucking white people giving the rest of us a bad name with their narrow way of thing. Do us all a favor and go jump off a tall building please.

    2. Now that was not neccesary. Grow up and except that everyone was born different, looks different and has different personalitys. Don’t call a race what you see on tv. Im not loud or obnoxious. Your rude.

  3. Holy s**t! To those of you out there w/your holier than thou attitudes…how bout u slow ur roll & f**kin RELAX! She’s a child, being egged on by adults. Of course she’s gonna keep going…everyone’s laughin. & really…u care THAT much?? it’s this?? this is where u feel u need 2 take a stand? get a life!

    1. What if she was you’re child. obvously you’re not going to keep playing cod while she bitches on the speaker. you would disaplin that piece of trash.

    2. I can understand your disgust at the girl. Her innocense fits her age and she’s being egged on by her parents. Not her fault. Just hope she doesn’t turn out to be as trashy as her parents seems to be.

  4. if this was my daughter she would get dish soap in her mouth and a good ass beating this disrepectful ungrateful 7 year old my 9 year old acts better than she does i bet she doesnt even know half the words she saying she is stupid she needs 2 grow up and the ones that is helping her u guys r assholes really 2 encourage a 7 year old 2 cuss like that wrong u would fail as parents u guys are not worth being on this earth

  5. this is what you can expect once you get old and need some assitance from your child… you now what you are… your a dickhead… why did you guys spawn… seriously … why must you continue you parrents fuck up and teach it on this mold of yours called a child…

  6. Awful parents breed out a foul-mouthed lousy child.
    I fully expect her idiot parents to buy her a car at age 16, which the idiot-child will immediately wreck, and then this rotten ill-mannered girl will blame it all on everyone else.

    That awful child needs to be shot for the betterment of society.

  7. UNHITA: You stupid bitch – she’s behaving like a white person. A trashy ignorant white person. Those parents should be hurt badly

  8. ahahaha tht chick is badass lol. it’s sad and funny at the same time. she needs to lower it some notches. like callin ppl eggheads and stinky mc stink faces.

  9. wow, what a little bitch-in-training. I feel bad for her teachers and classmates, she’s gotta be really annoying. Way too excited about talking shit to people she’ll never meet. The internet really gives people a lot of false courage….

  10. Seriously i played MW2 too and it pisses me off listening to kids talking shit on the Mic from where ever they are. Its like “Really? you’re threatening me? why? oh right because you’re online.” Right… I don’t care if its a kid, mom, dad.. ill shoot the muther Fucker Cockbreath to its final destination if i have to search his profile up.

  11. WOW…lol im not sure if this is funny or just down right sad how many people are still retarded idiots…you included internet tough guy….are you aware that the “blacks” have the most naturally occurring immunities and if some sort of widespread disease broke out they would be your best hope at a cure…..

  12. Meet the new white trash. A dumpy apartment but they have Xbox and a huge TV. No need for anything else like manners or discipline…..Just like most of America these days ,just sit on your ass and bitch about somethin you’ll never have and act like you deserve the world. Gimme a break. I think the whole family is the EPIC FAIl here.

    1. lol kid wat r u asian u have no right to talk ur dick is small and ull never get a chick u wack tht lil 2mm peter off every day wen u c ur mom come home from escorting some guy u go in there hide in a closet and watch her suck his dick thn ur over there wacking ur litle dick because ur asian and u fail at life kid i hope u enjoied this message fucking faggot.:)

  13. This is dad on so many levels. Parents raising a poor little girl like that &. Parebts playing a game like that in front of little girl & parents even playing video games & people commenting about race and people who think this is all funny… I feel very sad for my country. – and guess what – if mist of yiu saw me you would probably call me a sand ni@@er or something bc i was born in India… I love this country and i hate everything about this video. Parents of this girl– rot in hell…

  14. in holland we got something that seriousely takes your child from you in this situation. This is just child abuse and neglect, and it makes me cry that her parents laughs about it.. it was their idea. I’m so rich with my parents…i dont think this is a funny video, please remove and show to the police..

  15. Re: Kieth

    Most Canadians hate American’s too. Don’t think we don’t. 🙂

    Re Video: Shoot the little bitch before she has any kids to raise herself.

  16. Amusing to me is what people these days find cute and funny. This is a far cry from that. It’s disgusting and dispicable.

  17. Guys this is just a Spelling Fail that’s all. Stop the video at 00:35 and you’ll notice that *you’re is spelled *your. Then you can save 3:30 minutes and move on to the next fail.

  18. holy fuckin shit horid i would hate to be on the other end I mean realy getting yelled at by a seven year old id just say fuck you and log off

  19. Such a sad sight to see. A young girl with two parents but still has no guidance in the right direction. Those parents deserve a hard kick in the ass with a steel toed boot.

  20. When the proper word isn’t known, substitute swearword.
    Works every time right?
    (see also: usage of the word fuck)

    Some of the best ways to smack-talk someone is without using a swearword once.

    a little information as well:
    Black – English
    Negro – Spanish
    Niger – Latin (of course today’s vernacular is different).

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