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    1. first to lick the pre cum of your dads penis after he had it dipped in your sister butt yes it was dipshit!!!!

    2. Being first tells me you have no life, so you sit on epic fail all day waiting to comment on pictures or videos first so you can say “first again numnuts.. “

    1. Dipshit is the REAL epicfail, no life taking spaces of where people could really put in funny comments. Hahaha!! I think the guy was trying to get a jesus on his head xD

    2. @ pwahahaha: your so right :D… and @ dipsht: your so f***ing stupid u can’t even count… ur definatley the real epic fail πŸ˜›

  1. really??? u fucktards got nothing better to do than say 1st??? at least make a comment with it but ya im gonna say it pacman getting shot by a sniper rifle

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