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    1. SHE!..I am 80% sure it was girl could had being a tranny..ok watching again I am 50% sure now after careful review it looks like she was grabbing her testicles after he/she fell.. could also explain why he/she sucks at walking with heals. ………mmmm i think u actually made a significant discovery on this video..

  1. She fell because I just made her cum before the show. And that’s why it was hard for her to wear high heels and dance around. I felt bad for her…I’m a good licker.

    1. 1. Be born a boy.
      2. Drive a car/truck/bus/motorcycle.
      3. Effectively resist a rape.
      4. Sing and dance at the same time.

  2. Good thing I mute all the videos. Judging by the comments, the music is crap. Uh, what to say? Hilarious. How did she hurt her stomach, though? Seems to me your knees would hurt more. I guess maybe she sandwiched the mic between her stomach and the ground.

  3. wow ….. YOU GOT FACE PLANTED YOU dumbazz congrats XD lol just kidding but yah i kinda feel its her fault for wearing heels but Its just hilarious becuz the others could do it but she didnt but the other guys suk too becuz they didnt help her up O___o so wait their were all dumbazzes 😀 yay

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