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  1. I dont think this really was as bad as it sounded. The problem sounds like the recording device. The way they have this set up that recording device isn’t picking up bass tones at all and alot of video/phones/camcorders wont pick up the true sound coming off of a bass amp and alot of voice bass. It was prolly still pretty terrible sounding though the changes didnt sound accurate in the playing.

    1. FAIL! I’m pretty sure it was the fact that none of it was on time. Especially the intro. And their singer needs a shirt. And he sucks with the talkbox… Just an all around complete talent fail. I hope they never play at an open mic because it may result in a few fatalities. You were close though.

    2. @ uhhh, really… ???? I am glad they did not have a better recording system, that would make them sound even worse…

  2. I literally wanted to die after seeing this. Knowing that there’s something so atrocious-sounding as this in the world makes me wonder what’s worth living for anymore…
    Oh, by the way… I lost the game.

    1. The guy on guitar was not very good at all. I play guitar and that was butchered. Even if he did manage to play the notes on the intro his tone was really sloppy and the solo was pretty much butchered. I’m not saying I can play it perfectly, I’m just saying that this was one of the worse performances of this song that I’ve heard.

    1. NOOOO in all fairness, the drummers count was good, till he hit 4 when they started to play.. LOL

  3. Perfect! Made my day. Everytime i hear this shit im more convinced that i’m a musician genius, thank you for that guys. Keep Rockin’!

  4. OMFG!

    the drummer was out of the rhytm –> FAIL
    the singer SUCKED!!!
    and the bass solos at the beginnig… when i heard it i was about to commit suicide UNTIL i saw the worst guitarist
    omg if u guys cant play a song dont play it! im crying atm.

    1. I write and record music. I’m not very good at it but these clowns make me look like a seasoned pro. It’s not trolling to call something shit when it is shit.

  5. Love the fact that the drummer counted the band in. Think a starter pistol might have been a better option…the first drum fill sounds like he’s falling down stairs with his kit – might have sounded better actually.

  6. The problem is the guitar at the beginning was too fast, and the drums actually come in at the correct speed … but then suddenly slow down.

  7. It’s so terribly awful, that becomes a masterpiece.
    And there is one more thing, they’ve done not only GNR but AC/DC as well.

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