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    1. It’s a hell of a lot more than a dent. Ferarris are carbon fiber. The suspension would probably be pretty fucked. That car’s likely totaled because of the level of hand-fabrication involved in making that car.

  1. The van was parked.Happened in UK.The ferrari was being driven too fast and badly and couldn`t

  2. Whoah, what’s going on here – Chris claims the Ferrari was speeding, Happy Camper says that he saw it and the van backed onto the car. Have I finally uncovered the shocking exposes that the internet isn’t 100% truth or fair and balanced?

  3. That bus driver is about to have a real bad day. He couldn’t have just backed over someones 95′ Civic. He had to smash someones Ferrai, I don’t think hes going to have his job much longer.

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