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    1. no james, You failed! Why do you even write first on someone else comment??? and second i wasnt even first so thats a fail again…

    2. james, STFU thats why your loser self can’t even Capatilize your own name! AND THAT WAS A FAIL ON YOUR BEHALF!

  1. What in the world!!!! That man needs to be smacked one time up side the head! Got that poor baby slammed dunked in the back while he is texting or reading messages, SMDH!!

  2. Somebody doesnt want to be a dad. only one reason a man would deliberately try to kill his own spawn. the woman he fuck around with and knocked up.

  3. I don’t believe this at all, there is no way, this must be digitally altered I’ve never seen a black guy wearing Sketchers….

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