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    1. Rugby is similar to american football… except it isnt played by wimps in 4 inch armour lol. Respect to Rugby aus, brit or otherwise.

    2. James nobody wants to see you complain that rugby is better.
      If Amercian football players played without pads,people would die.
      The athelete that plays rugby is not even close to as strong as American football players.
      Release the hardest hitters from the NFL to a pro rugby team and you would see those “tough” rugby players crying like bitches.
      As for soccer, give me a fucking break.
      Who wants to watch a bunch of metrosexuals prance around a field kicking a ball back and forth?
      If that is the most popular sport outside the U.S, I’m glad I wasn’t born in any of those faggot ass countries.

    3. The reason that soccer is the most popular major sport in the rest of the world is because it is the cheapest sport to play. All it requires is a ball and you can run around for hours. Every other sport requires a lot more money and big, well maintained facilities to play. Also, soccer is one of the easiest sports to understand. I am not trying to be a dick, but a sport that is cheap and easy to understand is why it is the number 1 sport in the world. If you go to Africa, you don’t see a lot of kids playing baseball or football because they can’t afford to play it or to maintain the facilities required for the sport. Also, you can just start playing soccer anywhere and for any amount of time or for any amount of goals. You can’t really do that with baseball and football.

    4. Actually it hurts alot more getting hit with pads. cuz people throw there bodies at your more and also the helmets smacking u feels like a bowling ball

    1. The Cougars (in white) went for a field goal to win as the clock ran out. It was a do-or-die kick. The Otters player (blue) caught it in the end zone, but should have taken a knee to end the play and the game. But he started running and celebrating, and you see the Cougar players were running hard at him for the tackle. They were going to hit him and hope for a fumble, but they instead watched him spike it, and the Cougar player scooped up the ball and ran it in the end zone for a touchdown. The genius didn’t realize that the play continues until he is downed, not when the clock runs out. I hope that makes sense.

  1. holy crap this is my old highschooolll!! South of Brandon Vermont, OVUHS. soo funny- it makes sense if you went to school there. Mount mansfield always dominated us in sports. >:)

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