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  1. I would have been like bitch just take the fucking chair I don’t need this shit.Poor guy looks like hes either busting a nut or suffocating.

  2. Ok get off of him, he’s out you fat as- you win. Poor guy, looks like she suffocated him and she trying to hide the evidence.

  3. I really did not get the humor in this one at all. She’s actually a good-looking woman. She is what I would call a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). I am honestly envious of the black guy. Wouldn’t it be a surprise to some of you trolls to learn that a lot of people, myself included, appreciate and love these kind of women, and if any other BBW’s out there are reading this, I hope you realize that there are MANY guys such as myself who adore you for the Goddesses that you are, and this is 100% truth. 🙂

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