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  1. I get this way when I haven’t taken a good shit in awhile. Go buy a big bunch of red grapes (don’t wash, very important) & eat them all fast. Soon the demon will leave you! Promise.

  2. If anybody ever had a rainbow sticker on ther their car that said “I like balls on my face.” It’s that thing.

  3. ok ok,i see a stupid blonde, a fat ass lesbian,a chinigra,a douchebag….but WTF!! is that thing in the very left??? alien,gay,transexual,another lesbian????? please somebody help me im really confused …..WTF!!!!!

    1. pong whats wrong buddy u cant recognize your own father anymore? i know i know! must be cause Ur use to see him running around the house naked trying to rape u..nice try pong lol

  4. If the hot blond chick is trying to fuck this dude, she must ask her self this… do you want to be getting banged by this thing and turn around to see it in action or just at the moment of its “O” face?… some scary shit isnt it?

    1. no its like a disease. It started in France and spread…Most of americans are too much like sheep not be fags. Homos are just too much like pussies to handle a woman. Either that or they kept some sick sexual urges and needed something new…the next step is horse sodomy like icarly here

  5. I see people like this all the time…they always run around and taking pictures of I know why! To be on this site.

  6. one of the problems in society today, women playing dress up with us men and us men accepting it and doing it to get the attention of the ladies. women feminizing the male youth. skinny jeans, makeup, earrings, the hair, perfectly coordinated colors etc. etc. etc. look at “barbie boy” fag all the way but the chicks like it. makes me sick

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