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    1. Congrats. You weren’t first, but you were a close second. Considering what a loser you are IRL, this should count as the highlight of your life. Now go play in traffic.

    1. hahah please stop writting comments you idiot, you dont know how to write, ive seen you several times now and im sick of it go away =(

  1. let me give u a recap about ur rap, you say youz a hoe to all the girls that played u before, but you dont know is that dem hoes came to me to let me see, how much of a bitch you would be.

    *dictated but not read* lol

    1. same here…when he took off his beanie i went HAHAHAHA THEN HIHIHIHI THEN I CAUGHT MY SELF LAUGHING LIKE A GIRL AND CONTINUE HAHAHAHA…is probably all fault of my undescended testicle..

  2. His rap is no different than the rest of the spear chuckers. Oh boy listen to their music, I mean talking. Oh the jealousy, I wish I could talk in a mic and act as if I have talent. Rap is pure crap and as far as it all goes, this guy is no worse than the other jokers with labels! Only reason rap makes money is the idiot children we have running around. They are too stupid to have an opinion, so rap will stay crap.

    1. Rap is a brainwash it makes you feel inadequate about what you have . Seems like you need more bitches and some bling bling to make it in this world. All these gold teeth and no brain… go figure.

    2. If it’s so easy and requires no talent, then why don’t you get a few tracks together and make millions?
      Because you can’t that’s why.
      You have to love the music snobs.
      My guess is you’re an old coger that fondly remembers the good ole days.
      When music was music.
      I’m sure you thought wham and bannanaramma were cutting edge.
      You lost your virginity to a flock of seagulls song didn’t you?
      If you can’t understand why something is popular, then you’re out of touch.
      Getting old sucks doesn’t it?

    3. Ah Tex Did your pussy get hurt? How could they attack the talking you listen to and love much. Those “talented” negros are your heros so you just had to jump up and defend them.

      Its OK, I understand, little children always become real defensive over their perverbial teddy bear. With your IQ and maturity, you had no choice but to throw that temper tamptrum. Its OK my opinion will not drive the rap business into ruin, you will still have some talentless negros to listen to come tomorrow.

    4. Ladies and gentlemen,
      I present to you the internet racist.
      This little guy has been so victimized by the black man that he feels the need to belittle an entire race.
      Most likely he was either beat down by many black guys in his past or he lost his gal to Mandingo.
      He was always told by his uncle-dad that his race was superior, but he wonders why they beat him at everything.
      For years he’s been stewing in his single wide trailer, eating potted meat and pork and beans straight out the can.
      Then he was told about a magical thing called the internet.
      A special place where he can sit in the comfort of his shitty home and spout racial slurs without the fear of being victimized by the big scary black man again. He has been on a mission ever since. He will prove once and for all that his race is superior. As long as they don’t cut his electricity off for being so far behind on the payments.

  3. I’m a metal fan, and 41 years old, and although this video is clearly awful, I agree with Tex, rap music does take talent to make. I’m sooo not a fan of the musical style, but I cannot think of any other style of music that so cleverly fits in so many words into a phrase of music. That alone makes, for me, rap an artform.

  4. At least, the whole world knows he’ll never be a rapstar. That’s great! Maybe he’ll do some duet with the leave britney alone guy/girl XD

  5. he probably thinks hes reaal hard, but its obvious hes a little bitch. so she left you, boo fucking hoo. it happens to us all ya whiny little twat. move on cyberstalker/dont forget the subtle death threat kook.

  6. Show me one rapper who can actually sing, read music, or play an instrument. Its all just wanna be gangstas with no appreciable talents or abilities in life.

    1. not all rappers are like that listen to lupe fiasco….anyways i’m surprised that nobody commented about the alter Eminem beat lol sooooo long bitch you did me sooooo wrong ctfu

  7. isnt this kim-eminem? i lov the actual song, but i think only eminem should stick to it, if he’s gonna do crap like that, he needs that gangsta flow to him. man im a 13-yr ol gurl and i can rap better.

  8. I couldn’t listen past 30 seconds. AWFUL!!! By the way, i’m going to write Eminem a letter and tell him you stole the hook from his song, ‘Kim’.

  9. WTF was that, that wasn’t a FAIL, it just sucked.

    His mom should have come in an yelled at him or someshit. If I wanted to hear bad rap, I could turn on the freakin radio.

    The fail here was posting this junk.

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