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    1. 1.grab a cup from the sink.
      2.fill the cup with bleach or any heavy detergent in your medicine cabinet and grab 10 of each pill bottles you see never mind make it 20.(make your self a nice bag of pills this is going to be fun!!)
      4. sit by a window on a 3rd or higher floor.
      5. now drink the pills with the bleach or detergent u have found.
      6. enjoy the view.

    2. wannabe thenyc for question #1 no. you well definitely would not **dieded** you will live on no need to worry hey feel free to try i think u would enjoy the experience its fun fun good times! 🙂 # 2 yes. we all born dieing I am quite taken by your deep thoughts wouldn’t expect the comment by you life is longest form of suicide in your case life is the longest missed use of oxygen.

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