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    1. After some serious soul searching, I am unable to come up with an appropriate put down for Nuggy. While I am heartily disappointed, I would like to point out that nuggy is so far to the left of the intelligence bell curve that words cannot describe his stupidity. Finding words to denigrate him further is impossible.

      He is dumber than a Pauly Shore movie. He is dumber than most invertebrates.

      So no, this Troll shan’t waste any more time trying to find the proper insult.

    1. omg i fucking hate thats song! >.< thanks guys now ill have to struggle once again to get it out of my life r___r

  1. What a fuckin’ Douche! The fact that he is laughing after wards means that he is even less intelligent than he appears. When that guy dies doing something stupid will anyone care or be surprised?

  2. Funny how human voice sounds bovine when played at lower speeds. I wonder how a cow’s voice played at 5x would sound… ???

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