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    1. lol she left the stick in the water, being too tired to get it back up. the speed of the boat pushed the stick, kickin her off the boat.

  1. Heat exhaustion. It may be hard for readers of failblogs to understand, but this happens sometimes when people actually go outside and exert themselves.

  2. lol i had to watch that about 3 times to figure out what really happend… i think the oar got caught on the river bed… hard to tell. still lol tho :P.

    1. it’s called “catching a crab,” and happens when the rower does not remove the oar from the water in time at the end of the stroke (called the release). the momentum of the boat moving through the water transfer the energy up through the lever action of the oar. the force generated by the weight of the entire boat is much more than that of a single rower, and therefore gets ejected.

  3. The music was icing on the cake! I hate those slow motion speech people overdo. But the music was so refreshing seeing how the person fell in and how no one cared to help her in the end. lol

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