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    1. Soccer does suck, in fact, there will probably be a bunch of faggot Euros on here defending it to prove your point.

    2. Football is a great sport, such as “soccer”.
      Denigrate sports you don’t like is so stupid and shows how idiot you are.

      In my case, I don’t like baseball (it’s boring for me), but I’m not saying that it is crap.

    3. For real, fucking soccer sucks with all them stupid spics and their pussy ass sport. US football is a fucking man sport and I would love to see how long those pussy euros last.

    4. Well im from England and I agree with you, Soccer is the biggest pile of wank ever!!
      But BADMOFO was clearly being a Dick as was Bryan (Who clearly seems like a redneck…)

    5. @Bryan american football is for pussy’s like you that’re too pussy to play rugby, you go put your pussy pads on and play a sport we gave to you, ther is three kinds of people in this world, dick’s/pussy’s/asshols england being the dicks you know the rest, fuck team america

    6. @militaryminded85 Rugby is a cool sport, but the blokes that play it wouldn’t last 1 play in American Football. They use the pads/helmets because if they don’t people die. Also, soccer is still gay.

  1. bruh that black guy on here talkin shit like hes so tuff that he can play rugby..i would fuck him up bro..and so would my cuz jermey shocky from the saints in the nfl would kill his bitch asss..yea tem america is coming for you

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