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    1. Ahahahaaaaaa! Hilarious! Picturing that, made me tinkle a little.

      But what is epic here is, the suspension on that hot rod.

    1. Actually gravity is keeping it up, that guy is like the heavy end of a see-saw. I’d love to watch the dismount.

  1. Typical Redneck Americans,Big,Fat,full of shit. How did This country get to be the best again””””America runs a Nothing but Butter………..

  2. I don’t know why, but something about this one says “Win” to me.Maybe it’s mans dominance on machinery? Could that wheelchair have a Cummins?

  3. If I ever for some f’d up reason become disabled I want that wheelchair, I could tow my boat, help my neighbors move, whatever the case may be

  4. Noooo Oroville California on oro dam blvd…. Akathe main strip haha google it 🙂 look up orodam liquors Or gold city grill yup were bout 30 mins south of Chico state sadly we see this kinda shit daily:/

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