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    1. Do you mean you don’t think there should be any immigration laws? Or do you mean that the current laws are a joke? We are fighting a war on terrorism in a country on the other side of the planet and we can’t keep criminals from walking across our border. 1 trillion dollars spent on those wars, hundreds of thousands of people dead and we are not any safer now then we were before 9/11. All a terrorist has to do is walk across our border right into the US. Our country is a joke and our immigration laws and enforcement are a bigger joke.

    2. I was kind of thinking that they might not be Hispanic but I guess I assumed they were when Veritas made that comment. The left one and the right one you can’t really tell but the middle one is definitely not Hispanic.

    3. Orbital, fighting against terrorism? you americans are so dam… you belive in evry shit what your gaverment have tolted to you. thear no so many terrorists as your gaverment say… when two tawer have been blowed up, it wasnt terrorists it was your fucking gaverment , all the worl know it now.. why is crizise in the world becose of america wich made to much money and when realised that athers countries is going to find it out, started a new war and almost startet was with russian federation… and after sayed that russians started it but your fucking gaverment didnt know that russians solders had tv in thear that time and all the world have seen wat shit was americans have made…

    4. btw your gaverment sayed this week that thay have killed ben laden? again? like thay kill benladen 1 time in fwe years and evry time thay say like it’s the real one… this time thay told, that its for shure beucose of DNA test, where the hell thay can know is it his’s DNA what thay got befor??? maybe thay killed the real one long time ago or maybe the real one is still alive… so why the hell thay do it again? coz after all shit what thay made thay try to get some respect back… dont fucking belive what your fucking stupid gaverment told to you… i dont hate americans, i hate your gaverment

  1. Doing it or without doing it he will be a total loser all his life, you just have to take a look to his relatives. By the way, excuse me for my English, I’m from Spain.

    1. well you did far better than DiFenMontekki. after all they say english is one of the hardest ones to learn.

    1. they are not mexicans dumb ass and how many pics have u seen with white family doing the same thing its people trying to be funny why does it always have to do race fucking racist asshole!!!!

    2. why the fuck u gotta go to white people you stupid fuck don’t call some one a racist after a racist comment u stupid ass. fucking ignorant piece of shit.

  2. I happen to be Mexican, raised on both sides of the border in South Texas and NEVER have I taken a picture like this or has my sign posed like this. Matter of fact, people in my neighborhood dont even dress like this lol.

  3. dose any one see the guy are the left. he is doing the hawaii shaka sign. dose that not tip you off that they are not mexican.Stop talking shit about dumb spics and start talking shit about dumb hawaiins

  4. LMAO @ citycens

    People in here are colorblind. This ladies and gentlemen are 100% hawaiian ( not “spics” or “mexicans” ) I have white friends that post pictures like this on facebook, should we deport caucasian’s and let the real americans enjoy their land.

    1. all “real” Americans are actually just Mexicans caught on the wrong side of the border. there just pissed that the white man out numbered, out witted, and out gunned there dumb asses haha!

  5. whites didnt go to africa to fuck your girls and rob your men and suck up your welfare so why on earth did our ansestors let africans come to our country to do nothing but that here,that goes for all you demented bastards who dont know how to go back home where you came from,yea ever hear of visiting our country like we do yours,we dont try to take over we leave,so go fill your own jails not ours

    1. ummmmm you didnt pay much attentoin in history class did u? hint South Africa or ne where else Africans speak a European language, plus who the fuck you thick hauled blacks here against their will and made them slaves. and some would get punished having stones hung from there dicks and nutsack, this is why they have bigger dicks than you do. LOL ok the last part was probly BS.

  6. where is the fail on this pic …??? there is not fail and all of u acts like 12 years child
    American idiots wake up

    sorry for my english. bye

    1. Right, so I’ll insult you in my language, but of course you rednecj shithead won’t get a clue… you assholes never do. Puto gringo mamón y culero, I was gonna be your papa, but a dog won the bet… lol

    2. Kiko,you obivously never heard of Google Translate,huh? Well,I just translated you’re insult:Gringo asshole fucking cocksucker.
      Lamest insult I ever heard to us Americans,or I guess you call Gringos.You mast have sat in the dark corner of you’re room crying thinking of a insult. LOL PWNED


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