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  1. That was a bit of force there he used, the guy didn’t even do anything physical…he could sue for that : ) (The guy on the floor…)

    1. Because all people who commit crimes or disturb the peace should sue for being forcefully removed from the premises, right?

    2. i was thinking the boxes should sue that nerd…there was physical damage to all those wonderful display boxes…and he just made the situation worse by calling them faggots and kicking them…shame…i feel sorry for those boxes

    3. kay,you’re a fucking dumbass. Pansies like you and that red headed piece of shit is why America is becoming a nation of pussies and morons. Go smoke your peace pipe and braid your hair somewhere else you sad waste of life.

    4. It depends on what was actually going on. If the guy was breaking stuff or causing a disturbance and was asked to leave, the store has every right to physically remove him if he doesn’t leave. You just don’t know what happened before hand so you can’t really make any assumptions as to whether or not too much force was used. YOU have no right to be inside a private store. If they ask you to leave, you have to leave. In fact, if you don’t leave after they tell you to, you can actually be arrested for trespassing. If I had to guess, that is probably what was going on.

    5. @ Kay: When I was in the military I received a lil bit of training as a police officer while “TAD”, and to what knowledge I have, the officer followed his escalation of force and was in the LEGAL right. That said, you are correct he COULD sue, however he wouldn’t win anything. If you are really interested in how police officers are trained in escalation of force (how much ass they can kick) you can Google the information any time. Word to the wise, when you “cry wolf”, real cases of police brutality go uncorrected. Knowledge my friend, its half the battle! Good luck!

    6. That wasn’t force. That was a slap on the hand. The officer tried to get him to stop. He resisted. The officer was in the complete right for getting the guy on to the floor. He wasn’t standing above him kicking or punching the guy. He simply did what he had to to get the guy into a submissive state.

    7. Yeah, Alexander that´s right….keep that attitude, boy, I love it….it´s why people fly plains into your houses….

    8. what was the cop supposed to do? coax the guy out of the store with words. Even tho we didnt see what lead up to this point is pretty obvious this guy is resisting every step of the way

    9. Holy fuck, whats with you pussies. “Oh thats excessive force” shut the fuck up. Dont want to be thrown to the ground and forcibly removed… A) Dont cause a problem B) Dont resist arrest.

    10. obviously y’all didn’t look close enough but dude said Police you have to come with me and he tried to run so technically he was just catching a criminal (really quickly)

    11. Use of force continuum:
      Officer Present
      Verbal Commands
      OC spray or Taser
      Hands On
      Baton or Beanbag gun
      Deadly force
      The redhead in the video was resisting and becoming verbally aggressive which is generally a warning sign that the subject is at high risk of becoming physically aggressive. Not to mention the video obviously starts after the altercation began there is no telling what the subject did to the officer prior to filming. There is your lesson in law enforcement for the day.

    12. first of all . sorry for my bad english …Well I think the cop , or mall security agent did his job like he should do it , he resisted so the cop did use just enough force to arrest him . that’s it no abuse there .. imo

    1. its a 10 yo who just now got to use a computer, found this already stupid old and thought meme just the most funniest shit in failblog’s comments. ignore it and it’ll go away, just like a rash.

    2. why u not no propah engrish?
      seriously, though, learn to speak the fucking language or quit using it. I’d rather read proper dead languages than see someone butcher a modern one like this. now refer to rule 93 and/or GTFO.
      excuse me, where are my manners?
      GTFO PLOX.

    1. It was the midnight release of the new halo game. The store was being cool and letting everyone hang out inside instead of standing in a line outside. The red headed dumbass was being, well, a dumbass, and the store manager had to call security on him. Plain and simple, don’t act like a fucknut in public, because other people don’t want to put up with your shit.

    2. what constitutes being a dumbass? i couldnt really see him doing anything. was he stealing a game? they must have a hot new game like that behind the counter… so what exactly did he do?

    3. he was just being the ginger fuck wad he really is. just how he talks u know this tard quit a job just to focus more on MW2 when it came out, then got another job for 2 weeks to buy this one.

  2. If I were violented that way by security I would play a lawsuit against the store or mall. Nobody except a cop can force you that way.

    1. Not true, depending on state, licenses, training, and other factors… many security guards can and do apply deadly force while on private property. The officer followed his escalation of force in this case, and did nothing incorrect from a legal standpoint.

      Whats really sad is when you watched that video, you saw the idiot as the “violented” (spell check:violated) party and not the store, and people inside the store that had to put up with his antics on private property.

    2. I just dont know why ppl like you are so against cops using force. Its so obvious from the way this guy is acting that he wasnt going to leave of his own accord. If cops and/or security werent granted the power to use force then you and everybody else would be complaining about them not being able to do anything about obnoxious pricks like this one who create disturbances.

  3. Note to self: if an officer asks me to stop resisting…STOP RESISTING!
    Have to hand it to carrot top though. He’s getting his ass kicked and still talking shit the whole time. That’s integrity.

    1. Thank you!!
      don’t get me wrong, I hate the ego tripping police and police brutality but this cops actions was indeed justifiable.

    2. thanx, i just watched the full video and i have to concur this guy is a total douchebag. what a fucking moron. lets get drunk and go wait for a video game. wooo hoooo, good times.

  4. somthing obviously was going on before hand because this vid shows the red dick walking fairly fast with ignorance of whats ahead like hes going to just get his way as the officer is following behind him with obvious intensions of arresting him be it due to before hand conversation,

  5. AD thank you bro, yeah the red head douchebag deserved it. why is it that red head chicks are cool babes but the guys are always mostly spoiled arrogant assholes?

  6. This isn’t police brutality. Police brutality to me is when a cop beats the shit out of a guy who is already handcuffed, or several cops beat the shit out of an immobilized suspect.

  7. I don’t know what’s sadder, getting thrown out of a video game store or waiting for a stupid video game to get released so you can yell FIRST

  8. Considering there was THREE people that filmed this in that store, at minimum, and every single angle shows the guy was resisting, I don’t know what you damn idiots are babbling about brutality. He threw him to the ground, told him to stop resisting. The guy was fighting and trying to hit him, he turned him over, told him to put his arms behind his back, etc etc.

    A cop kicking you in the ribcage and breaking 3 ribs after you obeyed an order to lay on the ground and didn’t resist, THAT is police brutality idiots.

    But seriously, how many damn people filmed that?? I found 3 different angles on youtube.

  9. What transpired before the video starts in unkown. What we got from this video is that this punk will be charged with resisting arrest and probably some sort of hate crime for calling the officer a faggot. If only that cop was actually gay, I’d love to see this kid piss himself infront of the judge.

  10. he tryin to come cross like some kinda bawtyboy, ginja no long in society, dem heata ave evry right to smack im down. jah jah, I an I

  11. The guy did do something wrong. When the police officer came in, the suspect did walk towards the guy that he was arguing with and when the police officer tried arresting him, the guy was resisting arrest. That’s when the police officer had every right to force him like that to arrest him. I know, I have seen this sort of stuff at stores before and my brother-n-law is a cop and he does this more often.

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