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    1. it isnt because she is black it is because she is ghetto. and honestly black people dont really look like that bitch right there. lol. oh jim your white right. not surprised.

    2. Jim,
      I see why dumb-ass white people (like yourself) are continuing to lose ground when it comes to being respected. As has been said, there are tons of people from all races that do stupid stuff. The following link is meant to let you know that white people definitely aren’t immune to placing their mark of stupidity on this earth. P.S. Please check your grammar.

  1. I bet a pigeon laid those eggs… But I thought birds only lived in dread locks not weave’s. I would not eat those eggs for sanitary reasons.

    btw. I know the eggs are fake. It’s still funny.

    1. yeah like your stringy ass wet dog smelling hair is better…if we are animals then why do white people have more hair on them?

  2. I think this is a WIN! only a black girl could pull this off. Picture some whitey with it in her hair! Now that would be a fail!

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