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    1. More like she just had the runs down his back!..painted a nice brown stripe… How do I know this fact you ask? I’m the guy in the stand thats texting this comment in to ya’s.

    1. Need Chiropractor and stem cells to… go… on. I hope he washes the back of his neck. he might get clue goo on it.

  1. the fat whore is like “almost there” and the guy is like ” why am i doing this for free? oh yeah i dont get any pussy”

    1. OMG!! This comment made me laugh so hard!! “why trols are inside internet?” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, man, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a LOOOOOONG time! I keep coming back to it, and it gets funnier EVERY TIME I read it!! Oh, wait. No, it doesn’t. It’s fuckin’ stupid. Never mind.

  2. who let that fatty be a cheerleader?! They let her be on the squad for the same reason they always have a black kid, asian kid, and wheelchair kid on childrens tv shows. just to be p.c.

  3. How did she make cheerleader. What did she lead them to Mickey D’s. I can understand Barbie being “normal sized” but cheerleaders are supposed to be thin. The only way we cheer at heffers are when they fall and continue rolling… They look so pathetic when it happens. AHAHAHAHA

  4. Back brace…$15 , 6 months of physical therapy…$1000 , 3 months psychological therapy … $300 copay . Qualifying for the World Strong Man competition….Priceless. Being able to pick a Heffer like that up over your head w/out popping a nut…..A miracle. There are some people who just dont listen, for everybody else theres Jenny Craig

  5. this reminds me of that southpark episode when paris hilton and mr slave have a slut war and mr slave shoves paris hilton up his butt

  6. no no, see, she’s his girlfriend and right now she’s squeezing his head because he forced her to have anal sex the previous night and she’s still pissed about it.

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