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    1. This isn’t an actual fail or searchable. It’s a desperate fail attempt. Although in those pictures within googles search you’ll see… Micheal Jackson & Governor Blagojevich lol

    1. i swear to god, if you wright that stupid sentence one more time, i will throw bananas at you til you “daied”

  1. So is this shopped? Or are that many people putting stupid racist crap up that google is returning such stupid results? orrrrr is google really a big dirty racist?

    1. it isn’t shopped. I just checked it out. you have to look up the “zira, planet of the apes” under the picture section of the google search

    2. I am curious JK are you black or white? You’d probably say black even if you were white because you want so badly to have something to call your “cause”. I am sick of bleeding heart white folks calling everything racist…. this is funny and yeah, thanks in part to Mrs. Obama’s hair looking EXACTLY like Zira’s. Oh yeah, and I am black. Let us decide if we’re offended.

    3. I’m mixed race… I have black, white and asian family members. End of the day offense is subjective… you go ahead and think I’m ‘bleeding heart white folks’… I dunno what utopia you hail from, but round here there’s still a lot to be done before racism dies. So excuse me for having the balls to say when I’m not happy or offended by something.
      In fact go stick your bleeding heart up your own arse. And shuddup.
      Just shuddup.

    4. I’ll go ahead and say it..noone gives a shit if anyone else is offended..racism or otherwise..and while “round here thereโ€™s still a lot to be done before racism dies” rallying to that cause on anything beyond political, judicial, or professional settings is about as usueful as trying to drain the ocean with a dixie cup..or bring peace to the middle east (which hasn’t worked in over three thousand years) so please seek out this “utopia” you speak of…it seems more attainable than your unrealistic goals of changing all personal opinions about one another ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Why is this a problem? Zira really does look like Michelle Obama. Put on an expensive sleavless dress, give her a expensive hand bag (all of which I pay for) on Zira you couldn’t tell the difference… well OK Zira was smart, and we have all heard the Obama’s speak and well they are stupider than slugs.

  3. Why a mistake?
    There is not!
    By choosing a chimpanzee – communist for president,
    who’s to blame?
    You have to blame yourself that you control from monkeys.
    So sad for you…

    1. I have to say..what’s sad is your pathetic lack of understanding of even the most elementary forms of english grammar..or the fact that you come off as a preteen trying to sound as if you are in the know regarding politics.. and most folks are accusing his of “socialism”..say it with me now S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M…. slight difference betwixt this and communism..but being that you have massacred the language you so deftly (sarcasm) tried to maneuver…most folks will be laughing at you for far more than your lack of political understanding… good night ๐Ÿ˜‰ and please don’t forget your helmet again.

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