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    1. The true fail is that you all know who “Butterbean” is… who gives a shit, the guy butchered the national anthem trying to make it his own, but then again. It’s perfectly reflective of a broken U.S.A. You’ll all be eating one another soon. 😉

  1. Fuck my ass !
    To many Polish ppl are here !
    They killed Kaczynski and now they are trying to kill american anthem ! Good for you !

    1. u fucking faggot got somthin to say but you’d never say it no polish mans face! and i agree that he killed the anthemn and that was so disrespectful from him but trust me the whole of Poland was embarrased after this because we really respect USA and that was just some individual motherfucker that couldnt sing for shit!

    1. orbital, you forgot retarded in your description. gay retarded trolls. and appearantly they are proud of this fact….

  2. I like the closeup of the fighter who had the American flag shorts on. He seemed pretty patriotic, and looked supremely pissed at that goober who made such an ass of himself not bothering to learn the anthem he was supposed to sing! I wish we could have seen the fighter scrubbing the floor with the singer.

    1. unfortunately it was the fighter that was scrubbed the floor with. You can watch it on Youtube, just type in “KSW 14 Pudzianowski vs. Butterbean”

  3. How horrific that a respectable sporting event participated in by these steroid monsters should be dragged down like this. Was that Sarah Palin’s ex singing?

  4. You american idiots! I think that half of you dont know US anthem. You are imbecils go to Mc Donald and eat fucking hamburgers american jude faggots. God fuck america

  5. That guy is completely retarded. It doesnt matter to me if he’s from Poland, a circus, Switzerland, France, a cow farm in Wisconsin, China, or from your mother’s ass. Hes retarded and needs to learn when not to do something, and that was one of those times.

  6. What a travesty, they should have turned off the Mike, if you don’t know the words, do sing it, do you think he got paid. He was a moron, and I bet whomever said that most of Americans don’t know the national athem are wrong.We are brainwashed with the National Athem from the time we start school.The song is not easy to sing, not because of the lyrics the melody is difficult, most people don’t have a range of octives needed to sing it properly.If you think American’s are idiots why are you writing in English?

  7. I write better than that I didn’t write do sing it I wrote don’t sing it, this is messed up.If it was my mistake it is just that I am pissed off.

  8. Why all the need for the race and or Country bashing? This was appalling for any nationality watching it. Yes, I agree there are some “bad” Americans, but there are also “good” Americans, Just as there are good and bad people in every country in the world. Ok, the singer was horrific…but do they not hold auditions for who does something so important as sing the anthem? Maybe he just freaked out and forgot the words…who knows? It was a terrible thing to happen to all involved…but no reason for posters to be nasty to each other.

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