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    1. Recon.. you are simply amazing. I guess that everybody envys you for this kind of success in life. I bet that with the screenshot of this performance(first!! and TWICE!!) you will get the master degree(in whatever) instantly. You are a genius, a true demigod, you are what people need these days. You are what we call from centuries a TRUE leader, Recon, and we never found one. Until now. If I call you a hero, it’s just not enough. Because this performance is simply incredible and almost impossible to obtain for the normal people, as we are.
      So, with all these said, take care of yourself, troll.

    1. You make me embarrassed for your kind (4chan’ers)… people who go on 4chan should have their hands and feet cut off, and their eyes gouged out.

  1. so sour your mouth will feel like its been raped. Much like the “dieded” people should have thier mouths raped by huge AIDS infected cocks.

  2. Look at the drawing! That evil lolipop jumps inside the kids mouth and forces it to blow it dry!

    (vanilla cream inside)

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