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    1. He was no mor black then he was white. Maybe chingchong you should learn about that area prior to telling another to, you ignorant numbnut, the area was occupied by jews. Jews are olive skinned, not black not white. So shove off, both of you ignorant bastards!

    2. I like to picture Jesus as wearing a tuxedo T shirt because it says, “I’m formal, but I’m also here to party.”

    3. why do people think a computer game glitch is some sign from Jesus?

      The world would be a better place without religion

    4. AAAAAAAAAAAAnd there it is the angry atheist misunderstanding and misreading everything. a priest touched you and said he was blessing your wang didnt he?

    5. technically we all evolved from africa meaning all of us have black genetics in our family tree

    6. None of you have actual facts. lol. you just like to talk from your ass and see who believes you. And none of you are really smart enough to start a debate on the subject…. Just leave the comments to that shit is funny.

    1. If a major videogame retailer has a glitch and selling the thinj for $60. Hell yeah that is a fail!

    1. Hey ya fat bastard, for once in your incest produced life, be original. It was never funny on ync, you did not start it, and it even less funny here. Try to not be a twat the rest of you life there numbnuts!

    2. Hey let’s not run the good name of Fat Bastard into the mud…. Unless it’s chocolate mudslide ice cream

  1. Weak Fail. Video game glitch. a better fail would be the same “jesus” guy walking in mid air all through the game fuckin up 3 pointers.

    1. The guy who wrote this is the mostest failest to all your fucking douche bag. You can’t fucking write and you’re making yourself seem stupid as fuck

  2. Wow, the guys language on this video is an Epic Fail. What is more sad is that he probably talks like that on a regular basis. Stereotypes aren’t just made up as this guy has confirmed. Embarrassing.

  3. was this the NBA ELITE 11 demo, cuz if so, that explains a lot, cuz that game isnt coming out til march cuz they had to work on that game, that game aint got shit on 2k..

  4. whats the bet something killed them in their sleep because that looks like something that would happen in a horror before you died

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