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  1. good drink up ladies. dont let the booze get away. yes. now drink up this roofiecoolada and take these asprins they’ll stop the hangover before it starts.
    (side effect may include: creampiesspycamactiongirlongirlactionbukakelossofmemoryhazythoughtssneezingmansaucepregnancyorgiesgapingassholerandomfemininedischargesofcum/lubeandorcottagecheese and the probability of being covered in jello and a gang of midgets crawling out of every crevice in your room as you wake to greet the morning.

  2. So she danced some pathetic moves, sad down and then got up to dance some more. Good thing that glass bulb thing got her down again!

    1. Nah, those are my fellow Latvians… but who cares?! Both in Northern Europe, both at the Baltic sea, so it’s pretty close anyway. 8D

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