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    1. If Leaf wasnt speaking english then im done trying to learn another language, I’ll stick to getting to know the different dialects of english first.

    1. Are you sure his mother should procreate again? Last thing we need are more idiot drivers being born into the world.

    1. how do you both know that they dindt?
      after ending recording 3 afro americans set fire to the gasoline and the car exploded

    2. I really wish someone could explain to me what DIEDED means. Is this a new word because I see it on almost ever post on EPIC FAIL

      Terrance learn to spell.

  1. 1st rule of street racing: Learn to drive.
    2nd rule of street racing: dont let your mom teach you how to drive.
    3rd rule of street racing: using drift tires on wet ground is just asking for Death to rawdog butt fuck you unlubed.

    1. 4th rule is who the fuck actually does it… you look like cock sucking nerds behind wheels… I like how u even justified it.

  2. jo chris foreigner! fuck you! why fuck east germany? VIE like on the plate isnt in east germany,it is in west germany! should know this dickhead

    1. i agree! i live in that county “VIE”. its west germany. i would like to know, where this accident happens!

    1. We the veterans will find and destroy faggish little trolls who cant comment for shit. go to failblog where your shitstains will be tolerated in the comments.

  3. Oh, I can’t describe how glad I am that this happened… They asked for it…. Idiiots like these represent great danger to normal people like myself. Maybe it’s not nice, but more dead people like this – safer I am…

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